• Teeth and blade parts
  • Crawler blade shoes and boring machines
  • Shovel pen racks
  • Pitch wheels and rollers for crawler blades and boring machines
  • Wheels, coupling joints and parts for mining carts


  • Semi-autogenous mill lining (S.A.G.)
  • Mill lining
  • Spinning crusher lining
  • Jaw crusher lining
  • Hammer crusher lining and hammers
  • Roller crusher lining
  • Classification rack lining
  • Chute wearing plate
  • Vibrating sieve racks
  • Pan/dish conveyor lining
  • Mill lining
  • Mill gear wheel
  • Mill feeders
  • Classifier shoe
  • Cyclone Vortex finders
  • Abrasion parts for solids pumps
  • (Driving boxes, suction lining, engine side lining, etc.)


  • Pots and buckets
  • Converter duct lining
  • Frames, lining and lips for converter mouths
  • Converter rings, rollers, and gearing
  • Converter burners, blowers, etc.
  • Anode molding
  • Grate bars for synterization machines
  • Molds and Ingot molds
  • Slag dishes
  • Toaster parts and pieces
  • Wheels, gearing, links, etc. for casting and refinery equipment.

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  • Conveyor chain links
  • Cooling racks
  • Selectors for spinning furnace mouths
  • Mill lining
  • Cyclone lining

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  • Ore crusher pinion gears
  • Ore crusher Mass (rollers)
  • Ore crusher blades
  • Ore crusher coupling joints
  • Ore crusher clamps and sockets
  • Ore crusher mass support frames
  • Defibrator bars
  • Defibrator hammers
  • Defibrator wearing plate

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  • Mill parts
  • Crusher parts

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